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Matt & Annel

Matt & Annel

Matt & Annél Strydom, with their two kids Anika and Reuben, is a full-time housesitting family and have done amazing house sits around the world. Their backgrounds in technology, course development and now house sitting, created the perfect recipe to develop this comprehensive course. They love travelling and they love helping others with the knowledge they’ve gained through all their adventures!


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I’m new to house sitting, how will The Complete House Sit Course help me?

This course is great for beginners! Our step-by-step modules will help you fully understand the house sit process and will give you the knowledge and confidence you need.

How much of my time do I have to invest into this course?

This completely up to you! The course is broken down into easily digestable video modules. You decide what you want to watch and when you want to do it. Our platform will track your progress and you can carry on where you left off at any time.

How is this course different from all the information out there on the internet about house sitting?

There are thousands of blog posts and websites out there with a ton of information on house sitting. Our course is built on the real life experience and best practices of successful house sitters. The information you need to know is properly organized into a logical sequence to ensure you don’t miss an important step.

Are there any recurring costs to this course and community?

No, never! The investment that you make today is all you have to pay. You will have access to the updated course, downloads, special deals and community for life.

Are there any other costs involved?

The once off course price will give you lifetime access to the course. The only other costs will be the subscription fees to the house sit listing websites. The subscription fees vary anything from free to $119 per year. This is still insignificant if you compare it to accommodation fees!

When will I get access to the course?

The course will officially launch on 1 May 2019 but this great pre-launch deal gives you early access. We want to help you get going as soon as possible and will start releasing training modules and helpful email over the next few weeks.

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